Rental Equipment

Below are some of the pieces we have available for rent. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us for a complete list of all products available.

Equipment for Rent

Genie Z45-25-AWP

Genie Z45/25 AWP

Rates: $300/Half Day – $450/Day – $1237/Week – $3092/Month

Max Platform Height: 45’6”

Max Horizontal Reach: 25’

Max Up and Over Reach: 23’9”

More Details

  • Platform Capacity: 500LBS
  • Weight: 16,500LBS
  • Diesel and Gas
Caterpillar TH255-Telehandler

Caterpillar TH255 Telehandler

Rates: $120/HR – $300/Half Day – $500/Day – $1500/Week – $3750/Month

Lift Capacity: 5000LBS

Max Lift Height: 18’5”

Max Forward Reach: 10’11”

More Details

  • Max Cap @ Max Height: 3000LBS
  • Max Cap @ Max Reach: 1700LBS
  • Weight: 11,000LBS
  • Diesel
  • Fork Length: 48”
  • Fork Width: 48”
Skyjack 6832 RT Scissor-Lift

Skyjack 6832 RT Scissor Lift

Rates: $150/Half Day – $300/Day – $787/Week – $1717/Month

Max Platform Height: 32’

Lift Weight Capacity: 1000LBS

Rough Terrain, Out-Rigger Leveling Jack

More Details

  • Gasoline/LPG
  • Machine Weight: 7700LBS
Skyjack 3219 Electric Scissor-Lift

Skyjack 3219 Electric Scissor Lift

Rates: $90/Half Day – $170/Day – $467/Week – $1167/Month

Max Platform Height: 19’, 6’L x 32”W x 6’6”H

Fits through most doors

Machine Weight: 2600LBS

More Details

  • Electric w/ On-Board Charger
Terex TSV80 Skid -Steer

Terex TSV80 Skid Steer

Rates: $275/Half Day – $385/Day – $1425/Week – $3550/Month

Machine Weight: 8600LBS

Max Operating Capacity: 3000LBS

Dump Height: 8’6”

More Details

  • Diesel, Aux Hydraulics/Standard Flow
  • Comes w/ Bucket or Forks
Gehl 4240 Skid-Steer

Gehl 4240 Skid Steer

Rates: $175/Half Day – $275/Day – $900/Week – $2450/Month

Machine Weight: 4600LBS

Max Operating Capacity: 1350LBS

Diesel, Aux Hydraulics/Standard Flow

More Details

  • Comes w/ Bucket or Forks
Patron New Holland E35 Mini-Excavator – 6.5CFM Air-Compressor

New Holland E35 Mini Excavator

Rates: $400/Half Day – $515/Day – $1875/Week – $4200/Month

Machine Weight: 8500LBS

Max Dig Depth: 10’

Enclosed Cab, Diesel, Adjustable Plow Blade

More Details

  • Frost/Root Ripper – 12” Frost Bucket – 16” Tooth Bucket – 32” Cleanout Bucket
Kubota K008 Mini-Excavator

Kubota K008 Mini Excavator

Rates: $185/ Half Day – $225/Day – $850/Week – $2500/Month

Machine Weight: 2200LBS

Max Dig Depth: 5’6”

Blade, Adjustable Tracks from 28”-34”

More Details

  • Diesel
Genie 844 Tele-handler

Genie 844 Telehandler

Rates: $160/Hour – $400/Half Day – $600/Day – $2100/Week – $4500/Month

Machine Weight: 22,500LBS

Max Lift Capacity: 8000LBS

Max Lift Height: 44’

More Details

  • Max Forward Reach: 27’
  • Max Lift @ Max Height: 6000LBS
  • Max Lift @ Max Reach: 2000LBS
New Holland E35 Mini-Excavator

Genie 2032 Electric Scissor Lift

Rates: $90/Half Day, $170/Day, $467/Week, $1167/Month

Machine Weight: 3600LBS

Max Platform Height: 20’, 96”L x 32”W x 6’7”H

Fits through most doors

More Details

  • Electric w/Onboard Charger
TMG 4” Wood-Chipper

TMG 4” Wood Chipper

Rates: $115/Day – $316/Week – $790/Month

4” Max Branch Capacity

7HP Kohler Gas Engine

Machine Weight: 240LBS

Gas Powered Cut-Off-Saws

Gas Powered Cut-Off Saws

Rates: $65-$75/Half Day – $90-$110/Day – $295-$302/Week – $795-$850/Month

12” – 14” – 16” Diameter Saws

Cut from 4”-6” Deep

Concrete and Abrasive Metal Blades Available

More Details

  • 50:1 Mixed Fuel, Blade Usage is $5 per 1/1000th Inch
Concrete Cup-Grinder

Concrete Cup Grinder

Rates: $120/Day – $330/Week – $825/Month

5” Concrete Cup Grinder

Dust Port

Cup Usage is $5 per 1/1000th Inch

More Details

  • 15 Amp
185CFM Air-Compressor

185CFM Air Compressor

Rates: $135/Half Day – $175/Day – $656/Week – $1615/Month

110PSI Max, 185CFM

Emergency Air Shutoff


More Details

  • Pintle Hitch
  • Hoses and Attachments @ additional cost
375CFM Air-Compressor

375CFM Air Compressor

Rates: $347/Day – $1300/Week – $3252/Month

150PSI Max, 375CFM

Emergency Air Shutoff


More Details

  • Pintle Hitch
  • Hoses and Attachments @ additional cost
Patron 2HP - 4CFM Air-Compressor

Patron 2HP – 4CFM Air Compressor

Rates: $35/Day – $131/Week – $327/Month

2HP, 4CFM @ 90PSI, 115V, 4-Gal Tank

Hose and Attachments @ additional cost

Patron 2.5HP – 6.5CFM Air-Compressor

Patron 2.5HP – 6.5CFM Air Compressor

Rates: $53/Day – $198/Week – $495/Month

2.5HP, 6.5CFM@ 90 PSI, 5-Gal Tank

Hose and Attachments @ additional cost

Hilti 150-6X Vacuum Dust-Control

Hilti 150-6X Vacuum/Dust Control

Rates: $65/Half Day – $85/Day – $318/Week – $795-Month

150CFM, 6-Gal

Pair with Concrete Cup Grinder

NaceCare 6-Gal Wet & Dry-Vac

NaceCare 6-Gal Wet/Dry Vac

Rates: $57/Day – $178/Week – $445/Month

95CFM, 6-Gal

Auto-Shutoff for Liquids

Washable Filter

More Details

  • 100” Water Lift
2” and 3” Water-Pumps

2” and 3” Water Pumps

Rates: $40-$60/Day – $120-$170/Week – $360-$480/Month

2” and 3” Gas Water Pumps

50’ Layflat Hose sections

25’ suction hose w/ Strainer Basket

2” Trash-Pump

2” Trash Pump

Rates: $65/Day – $200/Week – $500/Month

2” Trash Pump

Pumps up to 1” Solids

50’ Layflat Hose sections

More Details

  • 25’ Suction Hose
  • Up to 800L/Minute
2” Trash-Pump

2” Electric Trash Pump

Rates: $60/Day – $200/Week – $500/Month

2” Electric Trash Pump


Pumps up to 1” solids

More Details

  • 34’ Head
  • Same hose details apply
Merry Mac Stump-Grinder

Merry Mac Stump Grinder

Rates: $120/Half Day – $155/Day – $595/Week – $1487/Month

Cuts 6” below ground height

Machine Weight: 325LBS

Adjustable control height to fit all users

60LB Concrete-Breaker

60LB Concrete Breaker

Rates: $65/Half Day, $90/Day, $247/Week, $617/Month

Weight: 63LBS


35 ft/lbs Impact Force

More Details

  • Bits @ additional cost
  • Comes w/ Cart
Indirect Flame-Heaters

Indirect Flame Heaters

Rates: $150-$250/Day – $550-$900/Week – $1100-$3100/Month

200,000BTU-900,000BTU Indirect Fired Heaters

LNG/LPG and Diesel available

Ducting available @ additional cost

More Details

  • Thermostat connection